Imagine over 650 decision makers and strategists from the world’s most influential aerospace companies in one place. Then imagine 70 of the industry’s top professionals from this pool of 650 in an intimate, sit-down dinner listening to industry experts Dr. Kevin Michaels of AeroDynamic Advisory, Richard Aboulafia from the Teal Group, and Dr. Vivek Saxena of Advisory Aerospace OSC. The topic of discussion: “What’s keeping aerospace executives up at night?”

Against this backdrop, Meridian Capital co-hosted a successful Thought Leadership Dinner with Karr Tuttle Campbell and Moss Adams, in coordination with the 2019 Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (“PNAA”) conference.

The trio of industry experts explored topics ranging from industry consolidation, Partnering for Success 2.0, to the Boeing NMA opportunity, to Brexit, and even urban air mobility, providing unique insight on the impacts across the supply chain and the future of the aerospace industry.

Meridian Capital’s President and Managing Director, Brian Murphy, set the stage for the conversation by highlighting the strength of the aerospace M&A market and addressing what business owners should be considering as it relates to M&A during this stage in the business cycle.

“Business owners should be considering how their business is positioned to handle increasing build-rates and pricing pressures from OEMs. For example, is it time to bring on a capital partner to help increase capacity or become part of a larger platform to better compete? This is one of the many key questions our clients face.”

Brian Murphy, President & Managing Director
Meridian Capital