EdTech Spotlight



    • With more than 50% of all students are estimated to be in remote-only school, demand for EdTech products have surged, as parents, teachers, and children adapt to an at-home learning environment
    • Similarly, knowledge workers that continue to work from home – and many will likely stay there – are being forced to embrace remote training and learning 
    • Enterprises and institutions are looking to get more out of their EdTech platforms as they seek higher engagement from remote learners in the form of breakout rooms, polling, and other immersive tools
    • M&A activity has remained strong in the sector and venture capital activity has picked up significantly, as more VCs are eager to back increasingly attractive EdTech startups looking to quickly scale their platforms


    COVID-19 has deeply affected the way the world approaches educational curriculum. With the pandemic necessitating social distancing, remote-learning has surged among K-12 schools, corporations, and academia at large. This has brought on the challenge of how to provide successful educational programs in a virtual environment – EdTech has embraced this challenge.

    At Meridian Capital, we cover the Technology industry in which EdTech will see continued adoption. While fundraising may grow more competitive, those well-positioned in the market can take advantage as corporations, school districts, and universities search for means of facilitating remote learning. This accelerated adoption has created a tangible impact that many are feeling, especially students, teachers, and parents.