Meridian Capital Completes Recapitalization of Pacific Market International

03 June 2010

Meridian Capital LLC, a partner of Global M&A, is pleased to announce the successful recapitalization of its client, Pacific Market International (PMI or “the Company”) via an investment from Seattle-based Joshua Green Corporation. In connection with the transaction, Meridian Capital served as PMI’s exclusive M&A advisor.

Established in 1983, PMI is a leading designer, supplier and marketer of insulated beverage and food containers. The company owns the Stanley®, Aladdin® brands and is headquartered in Seattle, with global operations. The Company is an industry leader in the use of recycled materials and hot/cold beverage technologies. PMI’s products are available at thousands of retail locations worldwide, including Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Starbucks and Walmart. The Company’s revenues are in excess of USD 100 million.

Chuck Wilke, Managing Director at Meridian Capital commented on the transaction, “We are pleased with the results of a complex and collaborative effort culminating in a tremendous partnership between PMI and Joshua Green Corporation. The transaction further positions PMI to capitalize on a variety of unique growth opportunities.”