Pete Sokoloff

Industry Advisor

Sector Focus: Telecom, Security Solutions

Professional Experience

Pete began his investment banking career in 1980, working for Bill Daniels, a legendary figure widely regarded as “the father of the cable television industry.” Bill and his company, Daniels and Associates, introduced many of the major leaders, investors and institutions who created the industry.  Starting with the cable industry’s inception as a “mom and pop” industry in the 1950’s, Daniels & Associates continued to be a major force, helping to drive the business to its position today atop much of the communications and media landscape.

Following his tenure with Daniels, Pete was a founder of Cable Investments, Inc., an investment bank providing M&A advisory to cable TV, cellular and broadcast firms.

Peter A. Sokoloff & Co. began in 1997, focusing on a global practice serving telecommunications software and services firms.  A second major practice area, Homeland Security was begun in 2003.

Pete has advised and consulted with many major companies in both telecommunications and security, including Time-Warner, TCI, McCaw Communications, AT&T, Comcast Corp., Cox Communications, United Technologies, Tyco and Honeywell.  He has also served as an appraiser and expert witness regarding valuations for numerous clients ranging from the Internal Revenue Service to Paul Kagan Associates.

As a General Partner of cable operator, Cablevision of Texas, Mr. Sokoloff completed some forty acquisitions, representing almost 80,000 subscribers and placed all funding to build this rural multiple system cable operator into a top industry firm with over 200 employees in 14 states.  When sold, this company provided over a 2,000% return to its original investors. Mr. Sokoloff also secured a cable TV franchise for Aruba, arranged financing and began construction.  The system’s success provided the original investors with a 400% return on their investment.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Sokoloff founded and was chairman and CEO of National Ticket Network, Inc.  NTN combined television, retail sales, network communications, software and hardware to sell tickets for live sports and entertainment events.  He sold NTN to Home Shopping Network, Inc. and was awarded the contract from the Colorado Rockies Major League baseball team to provide all ticketing services. He oversaw the construction of sixty-eight on-line outlets in supermarkets throughout Colorado, the Rockies own ticketing offices and a telemarketing center in San Diego.  Under his direction, the operation surpassed first year projections by 50%.

Mr. Sokoloff was a founder of cable tv trade publication Multichannel News.  Among a crowded field, Multichannel News established, in less than six months, its position as the leading publication serving the cable television industry.  Mr. Sokoloff supervised advertising sales and, by the six-month point, Multichannel News had 40% more ad pages then its nearest competitor.  Mr. Sokoloff also founded Lighting Dimensions Magazine. This highly successful and important trade journal became the primary “bible” of the entertainment and architectural lighting businesses.

Community Service and Involvement

Through personal philanthropy and fundraising, Pete has led campaigns that have provided more than $100 million to deserving human rights and church organizations.  These programs cover drug education/recovery, criminal rehabilitation, literacy, crime reduction and implementing the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In addition to helping businesses and their owners grow and prosper and his passion to help others, Pete endeavors to become a better golfer.